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As an experienced Buyer's Agent, we know what makes a 'good' investment property in the Moreton Bay region, north of the Brisbane CBD. We can quickly and easily determine whether an investment property has the right potential for rental income, capital growth and offers a 'lifestyle' location to appeal to prospective tenants.

Moreton Bay Brisbane Queensland

We research, live & breathe the market

Why choose us as your

Moreton Bay Region / Brisbane North Buyer's Agent?

Moreton Bay Buyers Agent typically aims to help investors make smart property investment decisions by providing independent advice on Brisbane North / Moreton Bay region locations, property types and the negotiation process.

The property purchasing process can be stressful ...


Our goal is to help alleviate this stress for you, along with saving you time that you can’t get back (or don’t have). We can also help reduce costs involved in buying property by leveraging our contacts in the industry.

Moreton Bay Buyer's Agent | Brisbane Northside

Nobody can be good at everything!

You weren’t born to know and understand real estate – it takes time and work to fully grasp the markets.


If you don’t have the time to learn it all (or just not interested to understand it all), then it makes sense to outsource the work to a professional – just as you would with an electrician or a dentist.


Using a buyer’s agent is becoming more and more popular ...

People are starting to realise that if you are selling your property (something you may do once in a decade), then you naturally go to a selling agent to help with the process of marketing, ensuring the property is well presented, priced correctly for the current market conditions and to help attract as much competition to your property as you can get.

If sellers are using a local professional – doesn’t it make sense for you, the buyer, to also have someone in your corner working for you!

If you have never used a Buyer's Agent before, the value will become obvious very quickly –

  • a Buyer's Agent can beat the crowds

  • you will be presented with a selection of properties not on online platforms

  • you will be presented with a selection of property you haven’t yet seen on online platforms

  • if you don’t have the skills or knowledge to recognise a great opportunity, a Buyer's Agent will be able to highlight the opportunities to you

  • a Buyer's Agent is aware of the negotiation tactics a seller's agent will use to enhance the sale price of the property

  • a Buyer's Agent will help secure the property at a fair price for you.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to start the process of finding the right investment property for your portfolio.

Just some of the properties we have secured for investors

Moreton Bay region investment property – Bellmere, Brisbane northside

Investment Property
Bellmere, Brisbane

Moreton Bay Region

Investment Property – Caboolture, Brisbane
Investment Property
Caboolture, Brisbane

Moreton Bay Region

Investment Property – Morayfield, Brisbane
Investment Property
Morayfield, Brisbane

Moreton Bay Region

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